Main rules

1) Date and venue:

The Marathon starts on 5th October 2018, at 03 am, in Sagarmatha National Park, Everest Region, Nepal.

2) Marathon length:

The total length of the route is about 40 km.

The distances to the intermediate points are the following:

Dole- Machermo ( 6km, 4410 m )
Machermo- Gokyo ( 8km, 4790 m)
Gokyo- Machermo ( 8km, 4410 m)
Machermo- Dole ( 6km, 4410 m )
Dole- Namche ( 12 km, 3440m)


3) Route:

The route includes 5 intermediate points and the final point. A participant begins to get scores after reaching the first intermediate point.

Dole- Machermo- Gokyo-Machermo- Namche.

More about the route you can see here:

4) Race events:

Full race (Dole – Gokyo – Namche)

Intermediate race:

– Dole – Gokyo (Gokyo Race)

Details and pictures of every point you can see here.


5) Route closure time limits:

To ensure the race to be run securely and smoothly, each point of the route will be closed at a particular time. If a runner has not reached the point until its closure time, their previous point will be reckoned as the end of the route and they will get the score accordingly.

Closing time of each point is the following:

– Namche Bazaar: 22-00

– Gokyo: 18:00

– Gokyo: 18-00*

Runners who withdraw from the race may get the room for overnight at the closest village or get a guide to the finishing point, if necessary (to read more about the safety go here)

6) Timing Method:

– The participants can make as many stops as per their physical requirement. Nevertheless, their resting time will be included in the overall time of their completion of the race.

– The timing will be measured by the responsible persons on the route with a prior time verification among all people at the intermediate points.

7) Score system:

Whichever part of the route (starting from Dole) you complete, it gets reckoned and you get certain amount of points. The faster and the further you go, the more points you get (more about the scoring system see here).

The winner is a runner who has made the full race (reached Namche through Gokyo) with the lowest time.

8) Beverage, drinking water and energy replenishment station:

Beverage stations will be installed at every intermediate point (Gokyo, Namche). Please read more about using the beverage points here.

9) Medical aid:

Every point will have the first aid kit and there will be a doctor available at Gokyo.

10) Age restrictions:

Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults. Teens from 12 to 18 must have an approval from their parents. (More information you can read here).

11) Health requirements:

Every participant must have a document signed by a doctor confirming that the runner is in good health condition to be able to run the race. (More about necessary checks you can read here).

12) Insurance requirements:

Every participant has to provide an insurance from his or her country or make an insurance in Kathmandu mandatory.

13) Race number:

Participants will be given specific starting numbers, which will be imprinted on the light t-shirts that participants can wear on top of their clothes.

The race number must be visible in FRONT of the runner’s t-shirt. If a runner attempt to cross the finish line without a race number clearly visible, the results can be declined.

14) Prizes:

The certificate of participation + a trophy for the winner in every participants’ group. More about participants’ groups you can find out here.

15) Registration:

It has been already started and will go on until 5th October 2018

Registration fee: $100 for foreigners and 5000Rs for Nepali citizens (see more about the registration conditions here or simply register).

16)  Disqualification:

Participants are liable for disqualification if they indulge in the untoward actions or unethical behavior (provocation of threat to the organizers, participants, local cultural beliefs and doing environmental harms).

17) Garbage management:

Organizers of the marathon are responsible for providing the recognizable garbage boxes en route and taking care of them after the end.

18) Guidance en route:

The marathon route will be provided with direction guidance, designated by organizing committee: milestones on the route, volunteers and torch lights in the dark time.


Recognition and organizers:

1) Approved by:

– Nepal Tourism Board

– Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Department of National Park and Wild Life Conservation

– Ministry of Local Development, Office of District Development Committee in Solukhumbu

2) Organizer:


3) Co-Organizer:

Royal Penguin Adventure Treks & Expeditions

4) Sponsored by:

Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel & Spa,

Aria Boutique Hotel & Spa,

Jurassic Resort and Villa

5) Media support:

Nepal Republic Media