Route and map

The route goes through the most beautiful places in the world. One of the main advantages of the Marathon is that you will be able to feel the Himalayas with all your entity, having rounded the huge mountain range and absorbing its nature in one day, while other people only see Himalayas piece by piece, incapable of holding the whole range of emotional experience you will get.


The route starts in the exit of the Dole, a Sherpa village.


It will start near the beautiful stone with Tibetan letters on it. About 30-minute way to Sanasa, a little bit up and down – depending on the moon and your mood you will decide whether to use the headlight or not. Our assistants will be leading on the junctions.


The way Sanasa to Mong needs some efforts to climb up, followed by about 30 minutes getting down to Phortse, and it’s already light.


The route to Dole goes through the forest, small waterfalls, little bridges and you are reaching Dole.


If you feel like it’s enough for you for the first time – you can stop in Dole, fix your time, enjoy and rest, and get back to Namche Bazaar on the same day or the following day (make sure you manage to reach Namche Bazaar by 18-00 on the following day for the closing ceremony.


But if you are still up to a fight, another few hours will bring you to Gokyo – among the glaciers, amazing lakes via rocky path. At Gokyo you will get your tough choice: whether to go to Renjo Pass, or save it for the next time and stay in Gokyo. If you are still on the route, you are passing few blue lakes and start your victorious descent journey.


Going the last few kilometers, you will have the increasing feeling of a sheer triumph, and suddenly you understand that you are not a person you used to be. A different person – more motivated, more confident and more aware of your capabilities.