Royal penguinUltra Marathon

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Start: 5 oct 2018

you will get this greatest challenge after

5 6 mins
2 7 sec

Everest region

Namche - Gokyo - Namche

Royal penguin Marathon

The Will in Nature!

Highlights of the Royal Penguin Marathon:

1) Route Dole – Machermo – Gokyo – Machermo – Dole – Namche will be a great challenge for your endurance.

2) Marathon is divided into 6 parts – and you get points even if you could get only to Dole or Gokyo. The system of score calculating is here. The faster and the further you get, the more points you will have.

3) Different ranking tables for different ages and genders (e.g. 45+ winners, children etc) will give you the possibility to win.

4) Every year you can improve your result in terms of time and/or mileage, so if you haven’t done the whole circuit or you have done, but your time doesn’t satisfy you too much, the next year you can try again, get ready and improve.

5) You will have your personal page with your personal results, pictures, where you can see your progress year to year.

6) Your friends will be stunned to find out you’ve participated in the most awesome marathon in the world

7) You will get to know what you are capable of, and this will make you the different person who can achieve more in other spheres of life.

8) You will be able to feel the Himalayas with all your entity, having rounded the huge mountain range and absorbing its nature in one day, while other people only see Himalayas piece by piece, incapable of holding the whole range of emotional experience you get.